Turn it Up

Turn it up

The Turn It Up Series is an ongoing series of high gravity beers released in very limited quantities twice a year - Black Friday and April Fool's Day.  Though these beers can benefit from additional cellar time, they are already adequately aged and ready to drink upon release.  Each bottle is hand-labeled with a unique bottle number and brew date.  While we strive to keep true to our roots of brewing 'to style' classic ales and lagers, we enjoy venturing out and pushing the limits of what beer can be. These Turn It Up Series bottles offer a unique package appealing to those who are as passionate about craft beer as those making it.  Cheers to the pioneers of the craft beer movement and to all of you who keep this great industry vibrant and healthy.



Krampus:   Belgian Dark Strong Ale Aged in Oak Casks

9.2% ABV  Batch 27  Brewed 10/10/14

Bottles Released: 75  Recommended Cellar Temp: 50F

Recommended Maximum Cellar Time: 4 years Recommended Glassware: Tulip Glass, Chalice, Large Snifter

The first in the Turn It Up Series, this Belgian Dark Strong was crafted to welcome the holiday season with warmth and cheer. Brewed with caramel and Munich malts for body, this ale was finished with Belgian Candi Sugar derived from beets. During fermentation, our brewer added Montmorency Tart Cherries from Michigan, adding another subtle layer of complexity to this dark-ruby colored ale. After fermentation, Krampus was laid to rest in American Oak Barrels for 14 weeks. Once removed from the barrel it was aged for another 9 months prior to packaging. This beer is ready to enjoy now, but with proper cellaring, will further develop to allow more subtle flavors to shine through.



Sticky Fingers:  Oatmeal Stout Brewed with Vanilla, Maple and Coffee

8.2% ABV  Batch 109    Brewed 12/16/15

Bottles Released: 150  Recommended Cellar Temp:  45F

Recommended Maximum Cellar Time:  3 years Recommended Glassware:  Nonic Pint, Large Snifter

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day so we decided to take that belief into our world of brewing.  We started with generous amounts of oatmeal and chocolate malt in the mash to create a rich and viscous wort as a base for this beer.  During the boil, lactose, maple syrup, espresso beans and Ecuadorian Cacao Nibs were added to the kettle to create elements of breakfast favorites and to give our wonderful yeast a great meal to wake up to.  After primary fermentation additional layers of breakfast flavor were added with the use of brown sugar, Madagascar Vanilla Beans and Coffee from our friends at Strange Brew.  The result is a remarkably smooth stout with notes of coffee, molasses, vanilla and maple with a hint of cinnamon in the finish.  While this beer is ready to enjoy now, the flavors will continue to develop in the bottle for a few more years.



Long Black Veil:  Strong Scotch Ale

13.2% ABV    Batch 100  Brewed 10/22/15

Bottles Released: 228  Recommended Cellar Temp:  45F

Recommended Maximum Cellar Time: 10 Years Recommended Glassware:  Thistle, Brandy Snifter, Tulip Glass

To celebrate our 100th batch we concocted a brew that pushes the limits of yeast fermentation.  A lengthy mash was conducted using Scottish base malts with loads of dark caramel and biscuit.  The first 20% of the wort was scorched prior to boiling to mimic the old world Scottish ales that were brewed on wood fired kettles.  This created caramelized sugars and flavor compounds that add to the full mouthfeel of this Strong Scotch Ale.  Boiling the wort for over 3 hours condensed the sugars even further creating a rich syrup-like liquid that took weeks to fully ferment.  Long cold conditioning and a 3 month slumber in freshly dumped Whiskey Barrels from our great neighbors at Hotel Tango Whiskey allowed this beer to mellow out and develop a rich and complex flavor profile.  A nutty caramel flavor is complimented by slight vanilla and smokey undertones with a very subtle whiskey aroma.  This ale can be enjoyed upon purchase or can develop for over a decade in the bottle.



Barley O'Riley:  English Barley Wine

11.6% ABV  Batch 150  Brewed 8/3/16

Bottles Released: 228  Recommended Cellar Temp:  45F

Recommended Maximum Cellar Time: 10 Years Recommended Glassware:  Brandy Snifter, Tulip Glass, Wine Glass

Some say a Barleywine requires five ingredients: Water, Malt, Hops, Yeast, and Time.  This style of beer is said to be ‘laid down, like wine’ in which developing and melding flavors would show themselves best over time.  We agree with this theory and planned on 8 months of age on this beer prior to its release.  Two months of this ale’s life was spent in an oaken slumber within a freshly emptied Buffalo Trace Barrel.  Careful blending was involved upon racking this beer out of the barrel to achieve a delicate balance between the beer and the flavors obtained from the time in the barrel.  The result is rich and malty with a caramel sweetness complimented by dark dried stone fruit flavors.  The barrel flavors take back seat and emerge in the finish showcasing the vanilla tannin flavors from the oak and bourbon whiskey warmth in the finish.  This beer is best sipped on while allowing it to slowly warm to room temperature and will continue to develop complexity for several years to come.



Dark Sarcasm:  Russian Imperial Stout

9.5% ABV  Batch 171  Brewed 11/29/16

Bottles Released: 216  Recommended Cellar Temp:  45F

Recommended Maximum Cellar Time: 10 Years Recommended Glassware:  Brandy Snifter, Tulip Glass, Wine Glass

Dark Sarcasm is a rich, full-bodied Russian Imperial Stout.  After an extended fermentation period it was sent to rest in Hotel Tango Bourbon Whiskey Barrel for 8 weeks.  During this dark slumber it matured in flavor while taking on subtle notes of vanilla, oak, and of course, bourbon.  The result is a black, decedent stout that pours heavy with tiny carbonation bubbles struggling to make their way through the rich liquid to the surface.  Notes of bittersweet chocolate, espresso and currants mingle with the rich bourbon undertones and finish with a soft velvety texture that lingers.


20181123_171745 (003)

Friend of the Devil: Doppelbock

12.1% ABV  Batch 200  Brewed 5/25/17

Bottles Released: 216  Recommended Cellar Temp:  45F

Recommended Maximum Cellar Time: 10 Years Recommended Glassware:  Brandy Snifter, Tulip Glass

Our 200th batch of beer, Friend of the Devil Doppelbock enjoyed a long fermentation period before resting in Old Pogue Bourbon barrels that held it's nectar for 13 long years.  This German Lager has soft bourbon notes with a nice raisin character at the end. Wonderful to drink now or give it several years to mature before enjoying this wonderful beer.

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