Sour Series


Norwegian Wood: Straight Unblended Lambic

6.8% ABV  |  Batch #118  |  Brewed 02/10/16

Recommended Cellar Temp:  50F

Recommended Maximum Cellar Time:  8 years Recommended Glassware:  Tulip Glass, Flute

Our first Sour Series release, Norwegian Wood, is a straight unblended Lambic  over 2 years in the making!  Born as a Belgian Blonde Ale, this beer was inoculated with a mixed culture of wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria and sent into virgin American White Oak casks for a 15 month slumber. During this long maturation period the bacteria and wild flora slowly consumed the sugars that our brewer's yeast left behind, creating complex flavors and acidity only achieved by this traditional process.  An additional year in the bottle with fresh yeast and sugar allowed this beer to further condition and pick up a pleasantly light carbonation.  The result is a tart and refreshing golden ale that is lightly sparkling with a clean acidic finish.

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