Skip DuVall (right), Owner

Formerly the head brewer at two previous stops, Skip DuVall and his wife McKee decided it was time to open their own brewpub where they can showcase their passion for beer and music. Although he will be turning brewing operations over to Dan Krzywicki, Skip credits so many Indianapolis brewers for helping him in his brewing career that started at The Alcatraz Brewing Company under veteran brewer Omar Castrellon. From Dave, Clay and Adrian at Sun King to Jerry at The Rock Bottom, Skip feels Indianapolis is one of the premier Midwest cities for talented brewers making great craft beer.

His passion for music comes from his older brother who he shared a room with as a child listening to albums while wearing giant headphones. The same brother eventually showed him the light by taking him to his first of many Grateful Dead shows and from there he learned that music, especially live music, would always be a part of his life.

Dan Krzywicki, Brewer/Partner

Dan first got into professional brewing by showing up on his bike one day at The Alcatraz Brewing Co. telling Skip that after several years of brewing at home he wanted to go pro. His knowledge of brewing along with his first place ribbon in the Indiana State Homebrewing competition quickly convinced Skip to hire him at The Alcatraz. Dan’s next professional brewing gig landed him at Fountain Square Brewing Co. where he eventually became the head brewer. His Pilsner is one of the best around and it shows with numerous awards including state fair medals and The Hoosier Beer Geek’s beer of the year in 2012.

Dan shares the same passion for music as he does for beer. Besides being the head brewer, maintenance man and all around go-to guy for Chilly Water, he is also a musician. A true jazz enthusiast, Dan credits Chick Corea for his inspiration in pursuing jazz piano. Look for him in the future playing his keyboards live at Chilly Water from time to time with his musician friends.

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