Built To Last Pilsner

Our flagship lager starts with authentic European-grown barley malted in Germany under the highest quality standards.  Noble hops from the famous Hallertau region unite with Czech Saaz hops giving this beer a pleasantly spicy hop flavor that compliments the malt beautifully.  Authentic German lager yeast is key to a well-made Pilsner beer.  Low temperatures and extended fermentation and conditioning time is crucial to achieve the delicate balance of subtle flavors found in this style of beer.  Raise a glass to one of the world's oldest and most enjoyed styles!

4.7% ABV

Blood on the Tracks Blood Orange IPA

Our ‘Feel Like a Stranger’ IPA infused with Blood Orange fruit emulsion

7.4% ABV

One Hop Wonder IPA

Our flagship IPA.  Brewed with a very simple malt bill consisting of some light caramel malt and some dextrin (unfermentable sugar) for body.  Mosaic hops take center stage here with tropical fruit flavors similar to pineapple, mango and apricot.  More fruity than citrusy on the hop profile.

6.9% ABV

The Big Chill

A nice crisp and hoppy lager made with our friends at Big Lug Brewery.

6.9% ABV

Enjoy the Silence Belgian Dubbel

Rich and malty with a nice spicy character.  Amber in color and a touch of dark fruit flavors.

7.3% ABV

Smoke on the Lager

2017 Silver Medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival!  The use of plenty of smoked malt gives this German Lager a unique smokiness to the nose.

5.8% ABV

Dark Side of the Munich Dunkel

Dark rich lager made with a large amount of Munich malts giving it a full body.  Perfect lager for the season.

6.1% ABV

Let's Go Hazy New England IPA

Hazy appearance and full mouthfeel with an impossibly smooth finish

7.1% ABV

Cherry Garcia Cherry Stout

Rich chocolate stout infused with real cherries giving a nice tart finish.

6.7% abv

Sticky Fingers Breakfast Stout

All things breakfast!  Oatmeal, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, maple syrup and lactose give this breakfast stout many layers of flavor.  Barrel Aged Version available as well!

8.2% abv

Dance to the Storm Irish Red

Red hue in color with a toffee-like caramel malt profile.  Low in hop bitterness.

6% abv


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